Opportunity Knocks: Federal Opportunity Zones and Tax Incentives at Studios at Parkway

Are you searching for a unique business opportunity that comes with enticing investment and tax incentives? Look no further than Studios at Parkway, Santa Fe’s newest commercial development nestled in a designated Federal Opportunity Zone. With units available for sale or lease, Studios at Parkway offers a chance to not only establish your business in a thriving location but also reap the benefits of these advantageous programs.


Federal Opportunity Zones were created to encourage economic growth and investment in designated communities across the United States. These zones offer significant tax incentives to investors and business owners, making them an attractive option for those seeking to maximize their returns. Studios at Parkway, strategically located in one of Santa Fe’s most prized Federal Opportunity Zones, puts you in a prime position to take advantage of these incentives.


By investing in real estate within a Federal Opportunity Zone, you can defer and potentially reduce your capital gains taxes. This means that if you have capital gains from the sale of an asset, such as stocks or property, you can reinvest those gains into Studios at Parkway and defer paying taxes on them until a later date. Additionally, if you hold your investment in Studios at Parkway for a specified period, you may qualify for a reduction in your capital gains tax liability.


For business owners, operating within a Federal Opportunity Zone offers even more advantages. If you start or expand your business in Studios at Parkway, you may be eligible for various tax benefits. These benefits include tax credits for hiring employees from within the Opportunity Zone, as well as tax deductions for investing in qualified assets. By taking advantage of these incentives, you can significantly lower your tax burden and free up capital to reinvest in your business’s growth and development.


Beyond the tax incentives, Studios at Parkway provides a highly desirable location for businesses. Situated within the burgeoning Warehouse/Art and Innovation District of Siler/Rufina, this development is surrounded by a thriving community of entrepreneurs, artists, and creative professionals. The proximity to the Richards Avenue Business Park, with its 85 successful local businesses, offers ample opportunities for collaboration and networking.


Additionally, the internationally acclaimed Meow Wolf, a renowned immersive art and music venue, is just a short walk away. The presence of Meow Wolf, along with other local attractions like playhouses, galleries, and popular restaurants and breweries, ensures a steady flow of visitors and potential customers to the area. Studios at Parkway is strategically positioned to benefit from this vibrant ecosystem, providing your business with increased visibility and opportunities for growth.


Investing in Studios at Parkway means not only securing a prime location but also partnering with Palo Santo Designs, Santa Fe’s award-winning architecture and construction firm. With their expertise and attention to detail, Palo Santo Designs has created a development that seamlessly blends distinctive architectural design, quality construction, and energy-efficient building principles. The result is a modern and inspiring environment that promotes productivity and success.


Whether you’re a business owner looking for a new location, an investor seeking tax advantages, or an entrepreneur with a vision, Studios at Parkway offers a unique opportunity. Take advantage of the Federal Opportunity Zone incentives, secure your space in this premier commercial development, and position your business for long-term growth and prosperity.


To learn more about the investment and tax benefits available at Studios at Parkway, call us at 505-605-2060. Don’t miss out on this exceptional opportunity to unlock the full potential of your business while enjoying the advantages of a Federal Opportunity Zone. Contact us today!